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Overview of hiring a foreign national 

When Canadian employers are having difficulty filling job positions with Canadian permanent residents or citizens, Canadian employers may seek to attract temporary skilled workers from abroad to fill those positions.

An employer-specific work permit can only be obtained if the candidate has a qualifying offer of employment from a Canadian employer. Of course, the employer needs to first of all try and secure candidates who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

An employer-specific work permit is issued on a temporary basis on the condition that the foreign national works for the specific employer who is named on the permit. For most employer specific work permits, the employer must make an application for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to Service Canada to ensure that employing a foreign worker will not have a negative effect on Canada’s labour market.

Once the LMIA has been obtained, an application can be made for a work permit. A work permit will confirm the terms and conditions of the foreign national's stay and work in Canada. These will include job title, name of employer, and the length of time that the foreign national can work in Canada.

Recruitment with Canadian Recruitment Specialists

Canadian Recruitment Specialists can help Canadian employers find qualified candidates.

We are a division of Canadian Visa Specialists, and market and promote employment opportunities based on the requirements stipulated by the employer while ensuring that the job offer aligns with governmental regulations as needed. We have worked with a variety of clientele and potential job candidates and have a strong knowledge of trade and licensing requirements for provinces as well as the legislative and governmental requirements for Canada.

Canadian immigration laws are complex and the requirements are precise. If immigration guidance is needed, our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants have plenty of experience preparing Labour Market Impact Assessment applications if the employer requires assistance.

Our director, Louise Willis, has worked with many different employers across Canada in her 20+ years of experience and is well versed in helping employers with their immigration requirements. Along with finding suitable candidates, we can also determine the best way forward for the candidate and prepare the candidate for an application for a work permit at a Canadian Port of Entry or the closest Canadian immigration mission.

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